With a $75,000 sticker price that includes a trip to Local Motors compound introduces the Rally Fighter 2012. Any driver interested can will learn about every thing that goes into making Rally Fighter vehicle. Since you’re required to build yours yourself.  Hybridization as some call it; is one space where design gets to be pushed as there are no strict rules, or standards to abide by. Although this concept also transcends fashion, and apparel. Local Motors the masterminds behind this Rally Car are taking no prisoners. Like a smart, and talented independent PC manufacturer. The company has taking the best assets from many platforms, and companies to bring tech specs that rival anything seen in the space thus far. Making the Rally Fighter 2012  a force to be reckoned with. With A GM 6.2L V8 430 hp and 424 lbs-ft of torque, Mazda MX-5 Miata door handles, Honda Civic Coupe tail lights, Ford F-Series side steering columns and side mirrors lifted from the Dodge Challenger. This is Rally/Street car that you won’t be sucking teeth at on the road. Interested? Well go here

Y-3 Adidas 2012 Spring/Summer Garde Hi Sneaker Wear

I love the Y-3 Adidas line. It has really given Adidas a signature that is luxurious for men’s sneaker fashion. Even on the athletic side, for instance the 2012 Spring/Summer Garde Hi basketball trainers from Y-3 are smooth. Featuring a royal blue mesh, cow leather upper, and the ankle strap design that I really dig are on display. The sneakers are fine sophisticated style that come off looking comfy. The sneakers have a lace up front opening with a velcro strap.  Every feature from the TPU out-soles to the  EVA mid-soles are built for an every day wear.  I just wish they made more in 13’s U.S.; Which for a guy like me they are always the hardest size to ever find. For those within the size range, do your “dogs”  a solid and head over to Y-3 for a limited time. Below are more Y-3 feet.



Choir of Young Believers “Patricia’s thirst”

Being in a band must be a blessing, and a curse. Especially if it changes members like underwear. The Choir of Young Believers is a Denmark band who had hit the indie rock scene back in 2008 and 2009. Their first album “This Is For The White In Your Eyes”. Don’t start, I tried to imagine why, and had the same damn blank stare. They have won numerous awards. Four years later’s, new musicians in, and out. Finally we get their latest album Rhine Gold. Above you should be checking out their single “Patricia’s Thirst”. {Via indierockcafe}.

Maps & Atlases: Beware and Be Greatful “Winter”

My ear buds have been splitting with how much good music is out there right now. In fact it may actually be a case of too much? Nah, who can ever get enough of too good music? Not I, nor should you. So here is the latest from Maps & Atlases “Winter” from their latest upcoming album release “Beware, and Be grateful” which dropped today! Check out the trailer below, and also check out their “Warm Up” session, pretty cool live performance footage.

Adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc Collection

These Adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc’s are up my alley *pause*. Laid back, and built for skaters. The feet still have a cool every day wear style to them. So sporting  just to do so is a definite. It’s nice, and warm so far for Spring so here’s a look at the entire collection.







YouTube To Develop For Next Gen Consoles

Gaming is everywhere, and YouTube wants in. A job posting has the company looking for an engineer who will “build the next generation game-console-based TV experience with YouTube video content” and “integrate and optimize with distribution channels and devices including all major game platforms.” The engineer needs to have as they put it;  ”deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and/or Nintendo Wii.” Since you can already get YouTube on the Xbox 360. It makes sense for them to push into the PS3 and Wii-U markets. ”TV experience” for next-generation consoles. The fact that Youtube is looking ahead in terms of the next generation consoles. Leads us to believe that publishers are giving out information to their partner parties. How much information do they have? That’s anyone’s guess. What should be understood though is that a delicate balance is being held. as Google is, and can be both a competitor or partner to any of the publishers. Although we’d less likely believe them to be aligned with Microsoft. Still advertising that they are hiring a Game Console Software Engineer to develop “versions of YouTube to work with next generation game consoles.”  Does mean they want in on what the next plateau of gaming will look like.

Sony, Microsoft E3 2012 press conference times disclosed

Let’s face it. The biggest news this gaming year won’t be the games. It’ll be what Microsoft, and Sony will reveal for the next generation. The Xbox 360, and PS3 are doing exceedingly well, but technology and gaming must move forward. As such the next generation is going to be a battle front unlike any other in gaming history. Not because of the success of the Xbox 360, and the PS3 doing decent. It’s the coming storm of our multimedia world built on mobile devices, cloud computing, and the expansion of the web. What we are expecting is to be blown away. Not because we want the publishers to, but rather they have no choice. If the consoles are to last for a long time, then the jump, and make of these consoles must truly be next generation.  Except I’m jumping the gun. Why? Neither publisher plans to reveal anything next generation related.

It makes sense for both companies not to talk about next generation consoles at E3. I’m of the belief that they should do so at self created events, and in association with other events around gaming. Both the PS3, and Xbox 360 are doing well. Publisher’s are moving units, gamer’s have more games to play than hands, and to be quite honest. The consoles are really kicking ass in their prime. Here’s the skinny though; Microsoft’s press conference will take place on June 4 at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST. Sony’s press conference will follow at 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST. The publishers are preparing to make impacting announcements on hardware and software, that they have coming down the line. Unfortunately they are staying mum on new-generation consoles at this year’s E3. Do we expect something will be talked about at E3 2012 regarding next generation consoles? Yes, and it may for the first time be developer lead. E3 2012 will take place June 5-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Mysteryville 2

Nevosoft is releasing Mysteryville 2: it’s an original adventure with a unique storyline, with interesting seek-and find gameplay. Mysteryville is back in a sequel that has journalist Laura Winner returning to have an vacation. No investigative reporting. In spite of her well laid plans she finds herself locked into new mystery. By a request from Bill Witowsky, she comes to discover that Bill is missing, meanwhile a priest is having a an art and jewelery auction that seems to have a connection to what is happening.  Laura has no choice but to find out exactly what is going on.

God Of War Ascension: The New Age of Multiplayer

Gears Of War changed not only how co-op gaming should be in this current game generation, the game changed multiplayer games on console. Other developers, and publishers have taken note. The trend caught on with sales, stats of online game sessions, and player accounts that multiplayer is a must have in a game. For single player games it has been a difficult adjustment to this new paradigm, not many have even made the attempt. For those that have tried, there have been some great progress along with utter gutter trash. The great experiment to imbue a great multiplayer experience into a single player title will be continued in God of War: Ascension. The prequel to the massive Playstation brand franchise. Will the God’s make this an epic feat, or will this be part of the bones that lay across hell’s floor of wasted efforts?

Last week journalists attending Sony Santa Monica’s God of War: Ascension event came away a bit indifferent. Most wanted to see what this God of War title would be about since it is a prequel. What could Kratos possible be without the God’s in his life to battle with, and against. The multiplayer reveal did nothing to quench this thirst, only offering up more questions. Except if we look deeper, I believe God of War: Ascension is showing us the direction of the single player game. How so? Well let’s breakdown how the gameplay extends what we played in God of War 3.  First and foremost we get the camera zoom ins and bone crunching kills. From decapitations to splitting enemies in half. Leaving entrails, and streams of blood spewing all over the cobble stone pavements. You get this in the multiplayer, but what is interesting is how you must now play along side three other gamer’s in a particular team mode of game play. You will have to run to gears and rotate them until they are turned or positioned in place. Adding much of the puzzle solving aspects from previous God of War titles that had the player as Kratos doing. Rather now other player’s will be given responsibilities to help one another out. You’ll be given gifts from the Gods you choose to align with. Your choice’s are; Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, or Hades. So say if you go with the all mighty Zeus, then you may be able to get the glowing “Spear of Olympus”  to hail down from the skies onto the battlefield. You will be able to throw said spear at your opponents, or in the case of the Polyphemus in the background of the game play shown. Fling at him. The opposing team has options to stop you. They will have the alignment to a specific God, which ups the ante in a way that’s even. Again we have only been privy to one mode. The question I have is how redundant will a mode like this will be when there will only be seven multiplayer maps, with five large ones, and two smaller arenas. If the expectations are for players to put in hours upon hours, well expect these stages to be mastered fairly soon.

What is interesting with what God Of War Ascension is doing is how they are giving teams of gamer’s task within a multiplayer setting that give the mode structure. It is within this structure that gamer’s can expand both in player development, and true cooperation. Something that many a multiplayer will tell you is lacking in the mode no matter the game. Most gamer’s like to run amok defeating the purpose of working with one another. Where the fear is in this is with the length of the mode. With multiplayer such a staple, I believe developers are going to focus more on how to expand the single player experience around starting with multiplayer first. Its something we have seen approached by Activision with the new Prototype 2 title. There is a focus with intent. The new God Of War is showing this off in a unique way that will expand on the possibilities. This is a new landscape that we are seeing emerge, and many single player games are putting their puzzles pieces down on the table.

Skyrim & Kinect Voice Command Will Bring The Masses

There is no doubt that Skyrim is a hit title by Bethesda. There is no doubt that Kinect is a beast. Here’s the rub for both. Skyrim is so hardcore of an RPG that you need an install base of active gamer’s to get it. Kinect is so casual that Microsoft is losing the faith of their hardcore game base to care. Bethesda was smart enough to realize they need each other. Microsoft needs to now care that voice command will legitimize the Kinect before it’s too late. Skyrim x Kinect will bring the masses in a new way. 

Tomorrow’s Skyrim Kinect voice command update is significant. The game could skate alone by just adding the voice component alone. The element honestly is naturally in how it brings a new dynamic to an RPG game. This may sound crazy, but Skyrim is now a better game. One of the reasons I say this is because without changing the game fundamentally, Skyrim is now the casual game that Microsoft has wanted to make for it’s Kinect audience. Where it differs from all the other Kinect titles is that it’s depth is actually engrossing enough to the point that gamer’s who have a Kinect will play the game longer. Listen if like me you know people who have a Kinect. They will tell you how much they love it, but don’t play it often. That juxtaposition, and in some respects oxymoron does not help Kinect be a difference maker for a casual audience that Microsoft is mining. In fact the success of the Xbox 360 may perhaps be blinding Microsoft to how serious they need to take Kinect has a momentum push into the next generation. Now that most PS3 players don’t take the Move serious. Microsoft with Kinect can show us why they will be more than formiddable next generation. The fact that most gamer’s are not that eager for it to get here. Skyrim gives you reason to get really excited about owning both an Xbox 360 and Kinect if you are a gamer who’s been sitting on the fence. Look Star Wars as a franchise had no benefit from having a Kinect game using it’s license. Most gamer’s only asked why and wtf?

Skyrim is already an amazing game. Bethesda does not benefit from having to add anything extra. Yet, the publisher values their product, and you can see their are determined to make it better. By offering a way to get more gamer’s involved they push the RPG genre forward, and legitimize the future of the genre with Kinect. I would not be surprised that the word of mouth alone will be something phenomenal. At the same time for gamer’s who have already been fans this is a new experience in a way that will be refreshing. Voice command is giving players a much more diverse interaction which is utterly cool. Bethesda is also teasing us with more info tomorrow. In the mean time inbetween time here is where you can download the PDF Voice commands for Skyrim.


This is the first time we’ve ever posted anything on biking. Let alone a bike helmet. Well this one is interesting, and it’s been brought to us by the fine folks @ Gucci. I dig the helmet. I doubt I’d ride bikes with them on though. I’ll think of something to tell my girl.  Teaming up with Italian bike manufacturer, Bianchi. The Gucci style imprint is all over signature. Right down to the leather straps. Made for comfort, and stunting. USD $890, the helmet releases in two sizes, medium and large. For you collectors; these are one of a kind pieces. Gucci!