Thekingslayer Pharrell Williams - Come Get It Bae

Pharrell Williams - Come Get It Bae

Let’s call a spade a spade. Pharrell Williams is the arbiter of the nerd generation. Don’t believe me? Go back in time, and do some history as to when the Neptunes came on the scene, and do the knowledge to the trends Pharrell set in motion. Then come back to this post, and listen/watch this video. The man is vintage in every sence of the word without being pretentious. That is hard for any super star producer/creative can not be.


“Girl’ is an interesting album with cuts like “Come Get It Bae” Pharrell made a fun album that talks to his personality. it’s an ego trip, but one with a point of love, and reverance. Reminding me of Lionel Richie in his 80′s days.  Artistically where Pharrell is right now is very interesting not so much the place, as much as where’s his destination evokes my curiosity. He’s worked with so many people, released tons of music, but still he has a freshness about him that comes across like he’s yet to peak. Odd is it not? I wonder if at this time Pharrell is open to working with producers to be produced? I don’t know, but whichever direction the man goes in. One thing is clear, he should push himself or find some motivation to jilt his immense creativity to a premium level. He deserves to give us his best. Usually the impact changes the world around him for the better; which in turn makes music, and our lives as music lovers feel great.

Thekingslayer The Hunger Games: “Our Leader the Mockingjay”

The Hunger Games: “Our Leader the Mockingjay”

The Hunger Games is back with the final chapter in the movie series that has more than caught on fire with fans. Instant classic in terms of it’s impact and as a former book adaptation The Hunger Games has established that great content nurtured and cared for can be a blockbuster. “Our leader the Mockingjay” is the one we’ve been waiting for, where the rebellion as a sport to entertain becomes the political severance that establishes the official call to war in the lives of the characters we have grown to love.


The trailer sets the tone in a way where we see how dire the stakes are, and in need of a leader for those who have been oppressed in this movie universe. How bad do I want this movie to go “there”? Bad somebody gotta die that we love. There I said it. Hate me, whatever. The stakes in this movie franchise needs a turn, and being a huge Game of Thrones fan I can deal with pivotal characters catching a permanent “L”. So cheers to some sacrificial lamb. You were loved by us and a mockingjay.

Xbox One Beta Footage Of Destiny Appears Online Thekingslayer

Xbox One Beta Footage Of Destiny Appears Online


Well Neogaf is at it again being the source of leaks from the gaming universe winding up on the site. Amazingly though, this is could be a great thing with the fact that Activision and Bungie’s megaton new IP “Destiny” is less than two months away, with a Beta dropping across cross gen platforms in the Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One, as well as PS4. With Activision having an early content release deal in place with Sony for the PS4 those who have pre-ordered on the console will obtain early access starting this July 17th for the beta. Those gamers on Xbox platforms will get access  on July 23rd. Although we have recently seen footage of the PS4 version in action, the Xbox One version has been MIA. Well today we get our first glimpse of how the next big title from the Halo creators looks on an Xbox platform.


In two Daily motion videos we get to see how “Destiny” looks running on the Xbox One. Quite frankly the game looks gorgeous. There has been doubt in terms of the comparison to the PS4 version due to native resolution or “resolution gate” being some stupid, and absolutely juvenile conversation of an issue. It’s good to see Bungie squash any nonsense before we hear or see anything from mis-informed of the gaming community. My gut says this is a controlled “leak” to really put the Xbox One version in a good stead of quality standing by Bungie. Have a look and tell us what you think.

GameClip-Original (1) by Fran78888

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Is Fully Commited the Xbox Brand & Cloud Tech Thekingslayer

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Is Fully Commited the Xbox Brand & Cloud Tech


In letter to Microsoft employees, and pretty much the entire tech world. CEO Sataya Nadella outlined a broad range focus with the theme being efficiency and investment for the company going forward. Mr. Nadella’s expectations is for Microsoft to really begin keying on ways to push their infrastructure around innovation in sectors where Microsoft can begin growing again. Setting his sights keenly on Mobile, and Cloud Microsoft’s CEO wants to make sure that the tech giant is making an impact with it’s technology in a front facing consumer way while being innovative. In this regard, he took the time to highlight where the Xbox brand stands in the grand scheme of Microsoft’s strategy going forward. 


A New CEO For Microsoft’s New Era: Satya Nadella

Rather than commit to devices and services as outlined by Steve Ballmer the former CEO of Microsoft. Satya Nadella wants to make sure that the company moves from its strength as an enterprise and productivity. In order to do this though he’s fully aware that the former initiative needs a compass which a return to what makes the company it’s bread and butter has to be integrated in everything that they do, and where industry is going. He highlighted how the Xbox brand does this uniquely while still being a device and service platform. Innovation though is where the most significant change in operation may be impacted as specifically Satya is looking his leadership, and employees to be cutting edge in how they provide solutions to customers, and each other’s responsibilities. Streamlining while investing, all without taking mergers, and acquisitions off the table.

Learn All About Phil Spenser The Head Of Microsoft

For recently promoted head of Xbox division Phil Spenser this is a huge boost as he has been a champion of Xbox as a gaming brand, while recognizing the unique opportunity to be central in entertainment. All of which is based on the platform being game centric. So investment in new studios, games, and partnerships is now green lit. Phil now has a chance to shape that commitment in a way that is strategic in centralizing how the Xbox brand fits in with Microsoft as a tech company. Case in point there was job listing for a “Super Creator” to join on creating the next Xbox platform. Although taken down here is a description of what Microsoft is looking for in a candidate.

Industrial Designer – Microsoft Devices Group – Xbox Industrial Design (881677)

The Xbox Industrial Design studio is building a world class in house team. We love entertainment. We live for building transformative entertainment experiences that resonate with consumers. We are looking for passionate designers who want to help us create next generation entertainment hardware for Microsoft.

Primary Responsibilities
This is a design position within the Xbox industrial design studio. You will be joining a team that drives vision and product development for Xbox hardware programs. The right candidate will be a “hands on” individual contributor that will bring thought leadership, inspirational creative output, and passion to the Xbox entertainment space. In essence, this position requires nothing less than a “super creator”.

As an industrial designer you will collaborate with design team and bring inventive ideas which will have large impact across the Xbox Entertainment Business.

We expect a spontaneous and innovative creative process that takes advantage of consumer insight harvesting, inspiration way-finding, 3d sketching, prototyping, thoughtful consideration
of business needs, and understanding of technical considerations. Above all the candidate should have a portfolio that demonstrates the ability to design soulful product experiences that delight consumers.

• 1-5 years of experience in product design
• 1-5 years of industrial design experience working for a top tier design team or organization required.
• All-star designer in storytelling, form giving, sketching, 3d modeling, color, material, and finish.
• Proven track record delivering award winning design.
• Exemplary communication and presentation skills.
• Intrinsic passion for seamless hardware/software experiences.
• Ability to collaborate with design, development, and executive management teams.
• Proficiency in creative tools such as Adobe CS5, Keyshot.
• Proficient in 3D applications (Alias, Rhino, Solidworks, or Pro/E)
• Education requirements include BA/BS or Master’s Degree in industrial design
 • Willing to travel overseas 10-15 percent.”

Sure a posting like this may not mean much currently, but what it does signal is that Microsoft is dead serious about making sure that the Xbox brand is front and center in its plans going forward. With Phil Spenser so far showing that he’s the right man at the head of the division there is a clear trajectory that is being cultivated with careful attention to detail, and property accounting going on. With Microsoft’s new CEO firmly looking for this in all his divisions, expect to see a strong Xbox brand experience going forward especially with Cloud and mobile exploding as an industry vehicle for everyone in technology.

Microsoft-Azure-offre-un-paradis-du-Cloud-pour-Linux_bestyep xbox-one-cloud



Project Cars Wii U version To Be Released In 2015 Thekingslayer

Project Cars Wii U version To Be Released In 2015


Slowly the Wii U is starting to become a viable platform for gamers looking for a place to play. Nintendo being Nintendo they still carry a huge cache, and judging by the positive reception of their digital E3 2014 presentation. To that end the car racing gameProject Cars” is set to appear on the Wii U in 2015. The significance of this is the pure fact that Wii U is a next generation platform that can do amazing graphics, and for the target audience offers users their an experience that is tailored to their tastes. Slightly Mad Studios‘ racing game Project Cars launches November 2014 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Slightly Mad has made sure that “Project Cars” is receptive to the latest technologies such as supporting the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and 4K resolution. Slightly Mad, which has been working on Project Cars since 2011 will not be releasing on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions. A rather interesting omission if you take a look at the install base for those consoles, as well the recent success that Ubisoft is seeing it’s cross generation title Watch Dogs; a new IP in itself.  Seeing a Wii U version even in 2015 is a good sign nonetheless for Nintendo’s fledgling new console.






Unlock Game Demos & Game Trial Support On Xbox One Thekingslayer

Unlock Game Demos & Game Trial Support On Xbox One



Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One will now support Game demos, and game trials. This is big news for Xbox One owners has it continues Microsoft’s Xbox 360 feature migration over to the new platform. Microsoft over the past months has been actively upgrading features, making additions, and releasing updates to the Xbox One that are really redefining the new platform. The unlock  offers the  ability for  you the gamer to download a  free  demo, and if you want  to purchase the full game you will have access without having to download the game again.


Microsoft in a statement gave more insight into exactly what this news means for gamers on the platform, and coming in the future.

“When Xbox One launched you could do game demos and you could do games. But we didn’t have the functionality that was on Xbox 360 – that ‘trial’ experience where you could download a demo and then convert it [to a full version],” Microsoft’s ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla has told Eurogamer.

“But now we do. In the same way that we update the Xbox One OS every month, they update the development system every month – or regularly, anyway. So that’s something that we recently turned on. I don’t think we’ve seen any ID@Xbox games yet that have shipped with trials, but we may well in the future. It’s something that’s open to everybody.”

Ubisoft Estatic About Run-Away Success of Watch Dogs 8 Million Units SoldThekingslayer

Ubisoft Estatic About Run-Away Success of Watch Dogs 8 Million Units Sold


Ubisofts’ “Watch Dogs” title has gone through a gauntlet of a birth to get in gamers hads. From the first visual presentation that sent shockwaves through out the gaming universe Watch Dogs inception was astronomical. The ubelivable new game play, themes, and graphics were all perceived as a precursor to a new generation of console gaming. Ubisoft was setting up Watch Dogs to be the first killer IP; then delays of the game started to push down the enthusiasm gamers had no idea that things would get worse. When images, and videos began to emerge several months ago Watch Dogs didn’t look the same as what we saw from E3 2012   lose it’s luster with gamers. The game looked downgraded, compromised by Ubisoft’s intentions to make Watch Dogs a cross generation title. One that would exist on the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and PS4. With “Resolutiongate” the talk of the current console war Watch Dogs looked to be the first third party game that would suffer from gamers expectations for quality that had to be what was promised, but not met by the developers. 8 million units sold later, and Ubisoft more than has a bonafide hit. They have the next big franchise in their portfolio to go along with Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, and their Tom Clancy series of games.


Watch Dogs success by any measure of analysis is absolutely staggering when you take into account the release of it being in the season where gaming is in a drought. This is the time of the year where games die. It’s not the fall/winter season where the most prominent games get released. Ubisoft’s 2014 Q1 sales have grown by a blistering 374% year-on-year with sales of lead by Watch Dogs which is seeing double the sales on PS4 compared to the Xbox One. Even within this statistic where the PS4 has contributed almost 50 percent in sales vs 17 percent from the Xbox One sales on titles Ubisoft is seeing robust sales across all it’s properties.

Going forward Ubisoft is going to have to add more new IP’s in order to build on their new growth, at the same time keep their commitment to developing their franchise operation with their games. A sensible structure that can contribute to the publisher being diversified in their portfolio and more willing to take risks that payoff. With the new generation not even a year old, and the current consoles in the PS3 and Xbox 360 still having legs with strong installed bases. Ubisoft can commit to developing on their success across platforms.

When Zane Lowe Meet Rick Rubin: A Producers Journey Thekingslayer

When Zane Lowe Meet Rick Rubin: A Producers Journey

There are many iconic producers that I look up to. I take so much from them that an affinity happens where aesthetically I marry concepts because of the depth of understanding I develop. There isn’t anyone who exemplifies my methodology and approach to music than Rick Rubin. Maypbe, perhaps it’s because I grew up in a New York City that was being defined by artistry that was self defining, disruptive, traditional, luxurious, stripped down, chaotic, and orderly. A cocktail of influence that inherently is a puzzle that is a mixture of Rembrandt and Salvidor Dali. Light meeting dark with shades of shadow fighting dust with beats of sunlight cascading in peak holes flickering in the imagination. Such a description relies on the rubber band effect of what any person takes interest to; asking themselves where they fit in, how does it make sense, but never before liking or passionately falling in love with what ever catches the attention. Listening to the conversation that Zane Lowe has with Rick Rubin places everything I have written in this post make sense.

rick rubin

If you take a second to look at Rick’s history, what he has been part of in his life, and career you will naturally understand the thread that has woven his blanket. Taking a step back you will understand how we all for over 20 years have comfortably slept under those covers. Not because we had to, but because he was listening to what were listening to. He whether knowing, or unknowingly has been sought out by artist because they needed to sleep under his influence so that we could all hear them, feel them, relate, and ultimately free those artists to be themselves. Rick Rubin’s journey has been ours, lived through the times currency, and payment yielded by sacrifice and investment from his spirituality along with patience. The key word is influence. Not on us, but on the creative process of making music. As such, Zane Lowe masterfully with out constrained effort has one of the best interviews in music history. That may just be my opinion, but my gut says otherwise. Enjoy, learn, and be great.

Like no other…Don’t Tell’Em

(Source: Spotify)

Project Beast Is PS4 Exclusive Titled Bloodborne By From Software Thekingslayer

Project Beast Is PS4 Exclusive Titled Bloodborne By From Software


From Software and Sony took let the bag go off the head of the beast. Project Beast that is. The game coming from the critically acclaimed developer is a PS 4 exclusive titled Bloodborne. The game follows From Software’s diabolical horror filled portfolio they have created in recent years. Not much was actually talked about in terms of plot, universe, character, or when the game will be released. What was shown definitely held nothing to the imagination as blood was unapologetic-ally displayed from enemies to the main character wielding cleaving weapons you’d see in a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie. We have pictures, along with the trailer for you to dive into. Bloodborne with From Software’s pedigree is a game we all should be paying attention to, and if you’re not. Well it’s our job to keep you informed. So thank us, and enjoy the art assets we have for ya.






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Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 Gorgeous Game Demo Shown Off At Sony E3 2014 Conference Thekingslayer

Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 Gorgeous Game Demo Shown Off At Sony E3 2014 Conference

We have been teased, teased, and teased as much as we possibly could take by Sony and Ready a Dawn for their PS4 title “The Order: 1866″. Well at Sony’s 2014 E3 conference they went more in depth, and gave us some game play demo that really gave everyone more insight into the game. The game looks good, with strong story that is intermingled with gameplay elements within the action. Nothing new, but definitely done in a unique way for this third person shooter. Ironically enough the game comes across very much like a horror adventure similar to the Resident Evil series.

“The Order: 1886 is absolutely stunning, and the game comes across with an atmosphere that begs for you to go deep and satisfy the curiosity it generates in you. I mentioned in my last paragraph the Resident Evil series as a comparison, but let me be more specific in that by laying my nostalgia further by recalling the feeling I got from Resident Evil 4. That’s how Ready At Dawn has been able to capture my attention with this PS4 title. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Capcom series was a strong inspiration in terms of pace and set-up. What I was not inspired by was the enemy. For all the build up the creature looked like a reject from an “Underworld” movie. With all the stuff that From Software has done with creature design you’d think that Ready At Dawn would really make an impact for us to fear something in their new title. With that said, we only got a glimpse of gameplay, and with a 2015 due date. The reigns on The Order: 1886 are going to be let go; so from here on out I expect us to get more content on the the game going forward.





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Uncharted 4 PS 4: Naughty Dog Returns Nathan Drake To A Thieves Universe Thekingslayer

Uncharted 4 PS 4: Naughty Dog Returns Nathan Drake To A Thieves Universe


The Sony E3 2014 press conference was a mixed bag. I can’t say it’s good or bad because there was much to digest, and I’m still chewing my food. What I did like in my gaming event meal was the last morsel that Naughty Dog developer extraordinaire showed off, and that was Uncharted 4. Which was for all intent had been a look at the games graphics, with an island jungle filled with cages hanging off of branches with bones/remains of captured dead folks. Sure there was not much meat on that ox. What it did do well is show us that 2015 is the year where the games for the Playstation 4 are going to hit the platform in a nuclear way. Naughty Dog took to their website to reveal more story, tech details, and what their hope is for Nathan Drakes return to his universe of thieves in “A Thief‘s End”. 

In Naughty Dog’s own words the new Uncharted is going to be a big leap forward both in the content, as well as technology that the game will have for players on the Playstation 4.

“All footage you see in the trailer was captured completely in engine. That’s Nathan Drake rendered in 1080p full glory using the power of our PS4 engine. All footage you see in the trailer was captured completely in engine. We’re targeting 60fps for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and as you can see the visual fidelity for our character models will reach new heights. In fact, thanks to the power of the PS4, right now Drake’s Uncharted 4 model is over double the polygons of Joel from The Last of Us PS3.

The next generation of Nathan Drake will explore what it means when Drake is forced back into the world of thieves. He will embark on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure. It’s his greatest adventure yet and will test his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves.”

Outside of the video and this above quote not much is known about the 2015 title, but knowing the developers pedigree expectations have shot through the roof. At the same time I can’t shake the feeling that Naughty Dog and Sony are managing our expectations with really micromanaging the information. That may sound crazy due to the fact this is the first day of E3 2014 and the reveal should have everyone feeling great. It does honestly feel good to see and not be told that we will see the treasure/adventurer back again.

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